Please be careful,

Regarding to the number of online fraud acts with misuse of Identity and legality owned by PT. United Asia Futures then we warn to all parties, either the Customer, Prospective Customers or the public in general to be careful of information using the name of PT. United Asia Futures. Among others are:

- PT. UA Futures, www.ua-futures.com

- PT. United Asia Trading, www.investasi-ua.com

- PT. United Asia Profit, www.unitedmkios.blogspot.co.id

- PT. United Asia Pulsa, http://unitedm1234.blogspot.co.id/; Http://chipunited.blogspot.co.id/Http://mkiosunited.blogspot.co.id/2017/04/selamat-datang-di-website-resmi-united.html


- www.investasiunitedasia.id

- www.investasiunitedasia.com

- and the possibility of other names in the future will appear by misusing the name of PT. United Asia Futures.

PT. United Asia Futures is only engaged in commodity futures trading services as a Futures Broker with a special business license and supervision from the Commodity Futures Trading Regulator Agency (CoFTRA).

PT. United Asia Futures has never offered an investment program that promises fixed income to the public or offers investment in other business fields or puts job advertisements on blogspot sites from parties that have nothing to do with PT. United Asia Futures.

We are not responsible for any actions and losses incurred by Parties taking and misusing Legal Documents, Logos, Photos from PT. United Asia Futures

So we convey this information to be a concern for all parties.