Loco London Gold

Throughout the history of human civilization, Gold have got a place in it. Because of its beauty, Gold became the target of many people and became a symbol of superiority, wealth and prosperity.

When the world monetary system is not using an official exchange instrument as we know at this time, gold was pegged as a currency. Since then gold started to be taken into account in the world of finance and investment.

Now, along with the development of investment method, gold investment has become one of the active investment that enrich the variety of investment portfolio. Gold as a hedging & investment instruments is is difficult to separate from the habits of people for holding gold in the long term. This is an investment, because the price of gold tends to rise and rarely to decrease so the gold owner will get a benefit from its value (capital gain).

Gold as an investment instrument has the disadvantage that it is not easy to be stored, security risks, price fluctuations and gold physical market is yet still not transparent. In line with those conditions,  PT. United Asia Futures offers futures trading product as gold online trading which puts Loco London Gold as its main services.